Why do adults say it's common to not have dated in high school?

I have been quite concerned about my dating situation because not only have I never been on a date, I have basically never had any type of meaningful relationship with a girl, except familial. In other words, I didn't even make friends with any of the girls I was interested in. That's how improficient I am. People complain about getting "friendzoned"; I can't even do that, so to speak.

Then adults on other forums tell me that it's common to not have dated in high school. I'ts not. As per studies done in 2004, 96.2% of people date by high school graduation. 83.9% also experience being in a serious relationship. 75.1% have even had sexual intercourse.

Adults don't believe this when we say so, but now even statistics confirm. The vast majority DO experience these revelations by high school.

Link to statistics: web.calstatela.edu/.../...mantic%20Experiences.pdf


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  • Because when you're an adult and you look back on those relationships you realize that it wasn't really dating, and they weren't really serious.

    • It still was by definition. And actually, though extremely rare, quite a few do end up marrying their high school sweetheart and staying with them. It's not unheard of (but extremely rare as well). My personal wellness teacher married her high school sweetheart nine years ago, as a personal anecdote.

    • And most people answering the poll were in their mid-twenties too.

    • I'm just as shocked by the percentages as you are then haha. The first one maybe not but a "serious relationship" as a high schooler just sounds... silly I guess.

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  • Because young people want others to think they're cool, so they lie. Many guys make up sex stories, many girls make up dates. I lied when I was younger too, even in questionnaires. Stupid, I know.

    • Well I could understand maybe lying in a practical situation with friends, but I mean what would be the point of lying in a statistical survey?


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  • I went on very few dates in high school. Guys never asked me out 😕
    I believe the new statistics, I just find them very sad.

  • "Common" doesn't mean "most." Take that 3.8% of the 15 million kids attending high school in the US, and that's 570,000 people.

    • "Most" is based on ratios. Let's subtract 570,000 from 316,100,000.

      That means around 315,530,000 out of 316,000,000 people in the United States dated by high school graduation.

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    • Regardless, "most" is based on ratios. 96.2% IS most. I personally consider anything from 80% up to be most.

    • Of course it's most. All I'm saying was that 570,000 people is a LOT of people.

  • I don't think is weird if u don't date during high school and like i read in the comments, it probably wasn't a serious relationship come on haha how serious can a guy get in the crazy hormones phase

  • I was the same way in school. I didn't date anyone but the desire was there. I got a bf two years after I graduated. I was really shy tho and still am. There's nothing wrong if you haven't dated yet. But the majority of my classmates dated


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  • Simple. Because
    1. you are EXPECTED to do this shit
    2. People LIE to fit in, especially amongst teens
    3. You think they wouldn't lie when asked about this?
    4. Adults of today were the high schoolers of 20-30 years ago, where different social norms applied.
    Does that explain it to you?

  • it seems like they're just talking from personal experience.

  • I had a relationship in high school, but it wasn't serious and we didn't have sex.

    It was a waste of time, honestly.