She asked to see me tomorrow for coffee, I've already seen her today?

Okay so this girl I like asked to see me tomorrow. I've already seen her today. My friends are telling me I shouldn't because I'm making myself too available but I won't be seeing her all of next week, and I'm not because I'm really busy in general.

She likes me and I like her, and although I agree with them about making myself too available, I don't want her to think I don't want to see her. Because I do.

We're only having coffee tomorrow, and it'll only be a 2 or 3 hours, not the whole day

I don't know what to do, because I've already said yes. Please help me out...


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  • No offence but your friends have some silly way of thinking. If you really like her you should use every minute you can spend with her especially if usually you're very busy. She'll be really bummed if you cancel and if you do it often enough she's just going to move to the next one. I think all that "don't call her in three days" etc. stuff is so old and absolutely pointless. Just go for coffee with her that's my advice:)

    • No offence taken, however, my friends have seen me go down this route before and get badly hurt before, so I understand their concern.

      But i do like this girl. And as long as she understands that i have my own life to fulfill, and vice versa, i don't see why i shouldn't be spending time with her. Especailly being that A) we are still in the "dating"/"Honeymoon" phase as some people have put it (Plus she asked me to slow down until we know each other better) and B) I see real potential with this girl. We have a lot in common, and she was the one to ask ME to coffee. I wasn't even expecting it, because i asked to kiss her after i saw her today, and she said no. I thought there would be awkwardness, but she still insists on seeing me. Heck she had a great time and doesn't seem to be the slightest bit concerned by the fact i wanted to kiss her, even though she wanted to slow things down.

      P. S i'm kinda drunk, so the message is longer than i intended :P #fridaynightbirthdays

    • Well of course I understand your friends want to look out for you I just meant that if you really like her and usually have busy schedules see her always when you have the chance :) thanks for MHO I hope it works out well for you!


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  • Oh for fuck's sake. People really need to stop playing god damn games. Make yourself too unavailable, and she'll find someone who IS available. Just... be available when you're actually available and stop obsessing over what you want her to think you are.

  • I would go! i hate when guys play the to available card that is bullshit! if you like/love/ care for someone there is no to available. If a guy avoids me or makes himwlf not as availble i get turned off/ dont want him anymore. What is the point in that anyway like why do y'all guys do that?

    • I don't know, and personally it didn't feel right to say no to the "date" or whatever it was. I'm new to the whole dating/relationship game so I'm still trying to figure it all out.

  • Well now that you've already said yes just go. U won't be able to see her for a while after it

  • You should go for it. If you don't... someone else might...


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  • if you said yes then follow through with it and go and then you can start your "wait for 3 days" plan after tomorrow.