Why is she insulting me?

So I hang out with this girl for a while, and managed to kiss her, and even sleep with her. And we seemed to get along till her birthday where I really bought her gift which I knew she would like. And she did, but I was kinda rejected with kiss that day. I felt like an idiot, but okay, I realized she doesn't want boyfriend (she never had one we are 20, she is kinda party girl), but anyway I decided that we can hangout and be friends (or maybe sometimes more than friends).

And I asked her for the movie, first she didn't say anything, than finally agreed to go after she had neutral answers I had joke for each one of them. (I said if she doesn't want to go she can say that I won't be hurt). And today we were talking on Facebook and she was insulting me all the time. There wasn't bad insults, but she kinda did insult me on things how I cannot dance (although I can) etc.. And without any smile, which really looked bad.

I really dont understand her, I know she can't be my girlfriend, but I am willing to hang out around her cause I really like her a lot. Right now I just said I have to go to sleep and we didn't arrange anything for the movies, cause her words kinda hurt me, she really got over too much. I dont know why is she doing this, I am even ashamed to call her again cause from what is she doing it would appear I am irritating her. But then it would be easier to just ignore me right? I dont know any help?


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  • Ohhh well sometimes I insult a guy jokingly even when I like them because I'm just trying to play around with them I don't like feeling super mushy & gushing over a man to their face so I kinda just play with them


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  • if doesn't respect you don't hangout with her


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  • so, you got offended because she said you can't dance... and didn't put a smiley face? O_o
    come on buddy... just... come on