Should I move on or give him another chance?

I was talking to this guy and we hit it off we had sex twice after the second time he got distant and slowed down on contacting and seeing me so i did the same then he hmu a few days later like nothing happened i told him that i felt like we are getting distant and he ageed then told me he would try to see me more but i didn't hear from him 3 days straight i felt horrible because i assumed that he wasn't interested in me anymore and probably just wanted to have sex until last night he texted me saying "we need to hang out soon & that if i didn't want to them its okay i guess" i haven't responded because I don't know if i should just move on or gove him one more chance to see what he wants out of this whole thing


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  • well you could agree to meet him another time just to see what he really wants. even if you dont bring it up. you'll see if he's genuinly interested in you or not and maybe he even explains why he didn't say anything for so long, wich could be a good sign. but you will also be able see if all he says or does points into having sex with you! if its the latter, just say goodbye and leave. but at least after meeting him you'll be sure wether you should put time into it or not talk to him again

    • I saw him last night we talked for hours he basically said he doesn't know what he wants he said he likes me a lot but he's not ready for a relationship & he doesn't want to hurt me & lets just be friends :(

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  • Ask to clear the air if you really want him. If not, move on.