No sparks, no connection.. what?

I had sex with my boyfriend of four years for the first time. we have a long distance relationship and we did meet online, we have great communication and we get along great. I love him very much. But I was wondering, does everyone feel a spark when they kiss their boyfriends/girlfriends? Or when they have sex with them too, is there that "fireworks" spark going on? Or is it just me that didn't have it? ...



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  • It is just you.


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  • i think that mostly when those sparks come is when people aren't intimate for that long and so and/or just dont know each other for that long wich always gives it that extra excitement. if you 'dated' for 4 years, its not that suprising that you didn't feel those fireworks inside:/

  • SPARKS FLY. So Taylor Swift. But I was thinking... I've only had 2 girls in my 27 years of my life that gave me the heart shocking, sparks flying feeling... Its so rare.

    • PM Me because I want to talk more about this because I am interested.

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