Should I change the way I am right now?

So I am a 18 yr old who had been in college for 8 months already. I have been single for 18 years and I have to admit that it really gets lonely at times and I'm always feeling that way when I'm in the campus as there's a lot of couples in my campus. I always get that guys says tht I'm pretty and attractive but they don't make a move. Is it because I'm not appealing enough? It's because I don't really like wearing shorts or clothing that shorter than half my thigh or clothing that is too realizing. It's beause people will keep looking at me and they look like perverts to me. So i always wear skinny jeans and trousers with t shirts and top that wasn't too revealing when I'm outside of my house. I'm not really a trendy person but I like to wear clothes that I'm comfortable with. Should I change the way I dress? I don't know what should I do. :(



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  • You seem to be scared of men based on your comments. We aren't all perverts, even if we like looking at you

  • Only thing you need to change is your attitude. You seem to show resistance to dating which is causing you to remain single. Flirt back with the guys who tell you you are pretty. Go out and approach others. Hell, try catcalling a guy you think is hot. :P

  • Just be You


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