Soo I really like this girl and I don't know what do?

So I've known this girl for around 5 years and I really do like her, she's smart, amazing and so beatiful. We see other a lot at school and we also talk a lot on Facebook. She's quite shy and i am too! Everytime she sees me at school, she would smile and go red. Does she like me? What do I do next? Everytime one of us has a problem we are also there for each other and I feel like she's the only one I can talk to about it

I don't what things to be awkward tho, I don't know what I do then?


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  • I would def ask tell her how u feel! She may like you it hard to tell tho. Like for me i waited around for a guy for two years, he was a flirty guy, me him and a group of friends went to disney where i got drunk to tell him i liked him which i found out he did not like me. It was awkard i rode home with him back to ga. But we are still good friends and i have a amazing bf now. My point is u dont know unless u say soemthing if it is meant to be it will be if not there is someone better


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  • Proposition her on Facebook. You both use it and Internet Courage is a real thing.