Dating: Timing is key. Or?

I really like this guy, we get on really well and flirt a lot with each other. I want to let him know that I really like him and I don't know how to do that. The thing is I am going on a big trip in 3 months and I am going to be away for two months.
I just don't know what to do. Is it the right time to try and do something about my crush? Or do I wait? And how should I tell him?
Please help me.


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  • If you really like him, show it to him now. Waiting is not always good. It doesn't matter if you will be away for the trip... I think that it's better to let him know now


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  • So you leave in 90 days for 60 days and wonder if you should initiate some form of reciprocal relations. I wouldn't. Just adds strain to a fledgling startup. THEN AGAIN it could also make the strain less likely to destroy you because loveydovey actually keeps people on the straight and narrow. Your call.


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  • Make your move now.
    Don't scare him.; He might be shy.

    Maybe suggest just a cup of coffee, lunch or something a little less formal than dinner.