Worth ending a relationship to gain more sexual experience/sowing oats?

So basically I've been having a dilemma about whether or not I'm ready to give up on enjoying the single life. I'm 22. To the point I've had grass is greener syndrome.

I've been dating this girl for 8 months, she's great and gorgeous and really a solid girlfriend, but I've recently learned about her sexual history. Now I'm no prude, but she had about 4-5 boyfriends in High School, one was a 4-year relationship, and had 3-4 casual relationships since. This made me upset for a little bit because I only had 3 one night stands that weren't so great or memorable. But the reason I was upset was that she had so much experience before she met me and I virtually had none. She's sown her oats and is ready to settle down, I on the other hand feel like my sexual world has just opened after being with her. She isn't a party girl anymore and thinks I'm the guy for her. I just feel late to the party on a lot of this.

My question is are these experiences really worth it in life to experience? I know I will lose her if I seek them out, but I know I will live in regret if I don't experience more. I'm 22 and girls still think I'm attractive and some flirt with me.

Is sowing my oats gonna satisfy more in the long run? Clearly if I'm posting this that means I have some doubts too about this relationship but that's not the question I'm asking. My girlfriend is great and is really what I would've wanted after exploring but I can't have both.


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  • I see your point. To me it was important to sow some oats, but, having gone through it, P is P if you know what i mean. Finding some random P is a lot easier than finding a life long partner. Finding woman who is truly worth marrying is gold. What you need to be careful of is that in 15 years you act on the sowing oats phase. I would really think about it if she truly is the one. If so, i would do it. I would also take a mental note not to fool around later unless things are broken. I say broken, because everyone goes through some rough patches. Good luck.


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  • Help I'm a hypocrite who is pissed my gf did the same thing I did and now I'm looking for a lame excuse to dump her because I have low self esteem


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  • Read the tagline. No, it's fucking dumb.