Should I message someone I used to "date" a long time ago and may not remember me?

I came across the fb of a guy I used to date in 2nd grade now I know you're like seriously? Lol but him & I were inseparable I'd say we "loved" each other we dated from kinder garden to 2nd grade had our first kiss in first grade, held hands, he was so sweet to me & always hung out with me in school despite other people not liking me and wanting to be his gf I still am shocked he chose me over so many other pretty girls & his mom not liking me because of my race but he didn't care he still dated me & let her know about it he even sat with me outside holding my hand waiting to be picked up by her after school crazy right? we never broke up I actually had to move to not far away but I wasn't allowed to tell anyone so that's kind of how things ended. I came across his page but he's not active I found his Instagram but same thing I did find his Kik off of his instagram but he very well may not be active but it's a chance I'll take if you guys think I should the catch is I don't know if he remembers me or even cares about me at all now not too worried about dating him since I'm not single I would like to know if you think he would date me if I wasn't dating someone though the thing is he stated he's into country girls and he also seems to be a bit of a redneck now I don't mind but I don't know if he will even like me I'm mixed but people say I just look black I'm a medium brown color I have long black hair (may not look like it but it's real & growing out of my head) 5'7 slim but a nice butt I'm 16 & he's the same maybe older, he's white blue eyed blonde hair & an older version of when he was a kid which is attractive. Again I do have a bf so my intent is to be friends but I would like to know if he'd date me again.


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  • Your hair is awesome.

    Yes, contact him. He'll absolutely remember you fondly. Race will be no issue. I have the redneck streak in me but I have no tolerance for racists.

    I'm reminded of this first kiss:


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  • yeah yu should give it a try
    he seems to be a good person and at worst you guys can be friends

  • Message him when you're available.

    He'll probably be down for a reunion / friends, if nothing else.

    But don't bother him if you're not really interested in pursuing something. I mean, you'd have to break up with him - since you didn't get around to it in second grade :P

  • Don't. Your nostalgia will get you!


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