Am I his second choice?

I was dating a man casually, but we had an intense connection and it seemed like we were headed toward exclusivity. However, a woman he dated just a couple of times returned to the area, even though it is a couple hours away. Anyway, he told me he wanted to start to see her as well. I said fine, and that I would continue to date other people. I haven't heard from in awhile although he told me he would be in touch soon. If this new woman decides to break up with him, or even just stop seeing him if they do not become exclusive, and if he comes back to me, does that mean I am a second choice? If so, should I take him back? Again, we were not exclusive but we did feel a very deep connection. I believe him to be a truthful and honest man. On another note, he did tell me that he was afraid of his intense feelings for me, and he felt that he could fall in love with me very easily. When we started dating, he had been just a year or so out of a relationship that was a long term and was very hurtful to him. He said he was afraid of getting hurt. This is not the same woman that he is dating now. I would appreciate any advice.


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  • It seems like a second choice to me. If he hasn't committed to u yet or makes excuses about not wanting to get hurt it seems he is hanging on to u as a balls up more than anything. Just tell him its either u now or never


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  • Guys know what they want when they see it. "Afraid to get hurt is excuse, an easy reason to request more time to figure things out (date the other woman). If he liked you more than her he would be spending his time with you. You know about her, but I bet she doesn't know about you. I would be moving on.