Ladies, what advice can you give the guys that will help them up their game? What are some of the common mistakes you see them make?

Help the guys have a better chance. What are some of the worst things that you think guys need to correct in order to have a better chance with a girl? An obvious one for me is that they have suck it up and to take a chance to ask you out.


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  • BE INTERESTING. I have dated so many guys whose whole worlds are embedded in video games. That's great for guys who want to hang out with other guys, but it's much rarer to find a girl who is that into them (it's not exactly supportive of girl gamers). Develop something else to talk about when she asks about you. Make sure you have a personality and opinions of your own you can share. Intelligent convos rock.

    A lot of girls are suckers for well-dressed guys (think banana republic ad, but there are a lot of cheap alternatives around that look lovely). Just something that might be worth trying.

    Show you care about the things she cares about. Remember the things she tells you and maybe educate yourself about those topics a little bit so you can hold meaningful conversation with her.

    Be her rock. This will get her closer to you. Do not be afraid of the "friend zone". That is just a name guys give to a girl not being attracted to them. Be a supportive rock, not a pushover. Because when she's upset about her current flame being a jerk, then the first thing she's gonna do is start looking to see if his behavior is normal. And to do that, she's gonna start comparing him to other people and looking around a little. At people like you. Where she will conveniently find a guy who has already shown her greater kindness than he has and who could be boyfriend material. I promise this works, that's how I found my current love.

    • Really great advice! I just dont know if boys will give up those video games though. Girls may have to pkay more just to start to get tehir attention. From there things may change.


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  • Make sure you're not pulling it too far. Don't ask her for shit she doesn't want or need to do. Let her talk and make sure you listen, it's literally the best thing if you remember something that she doesn't expect you too. If your just trying to get her to like you on the first or second date, don't look at her tits cause she'll leave. Talk about yourself but not too much or you'll look self involved. Ask questions to keep the conversation going. If you go out to it, neverrrrrrr order for her. That might seem romantic, but it really isn't. If you wanna do something romantic, kiss her hand or cheek. Or buy her a flower. Serious points for that crap bruh

    • The flower is a nice touch, I like that.

  • Don't seem desperate, even if you are. I mean she might still give you a chance but it's definitely a turn-off, unless she wants a guy who's willing to bark at her command, in which case... Find a better lady.

  • Going for girls out of their league is a problem cause beautiful girls get annoyed that every guy and their mother ranging from ugliest to most beautiful man approaches them. It destroys the chances of her wanting to even talk to men. Let alone date them. Also it destroys how all the average girls feel about how beautiful they are and then they become hopeless because even the ugly guys don't want them.

  • Listen more. I know her eyes or boobs might be distracting. But try to focus. TRY.

    Not only is it showing basic respect. You will never know when the info she's giving you will be of importance. Listening is sexy.

    • Good advice. Something that is easy to forget for a guy. I think a lot of them need to focus to your point.

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