How do I know I'm losing feelings for my boyfriend?

Ok so I've been dating this guy for a little less than two months. He goes to my school, and he had a short flick with one of my friends. He says that I'm his everything and he can't imagine life without me. He is incredibly attached and wants a lot from me. Every date, I can't wait for it to end. I literally cannot have a conversation with him and I cannot be myself. Normally I'd just dump him nicely, but I feel like I'd be jealous to hear him dating other people. I'm wondering if I should just see if he becomes more comfortable, or just end this now. I love him, but i don't…


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  • If you can't even stand a date with him, out of respect for yourself and him you def should end it. Dont waste your time and his time on something that has no future you're just hurting yourself in the end.

  • So you don't want him and don't want anyone else with him either. How selfish


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