What's wrong with meeting girls in bars?

I've never done it before, in fact I've approached girls everywhere except bars. I want to give it a try. Are all girls their just for a one night stand or can you actually get a number and form a relationship?


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  • It depends on girls. Not everyone want to have one night stand.


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  • if you want a better chance on meeting a nice girl you have to go to the places where nice girls are... book stores, coffee shops, church, but also not everyone who goes to a bar wants a one night stand.


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  • Girls want to go to bars because they want to be seen and approached. Even if they are taken, they would still like the fact that "shes still got it" if a guy approaches her.

    The "lie" is, girls go to bars to have "fun", and but the truth is they are hoping to meet Mr. Prince Charming to sweep them off their feet.

    I mean if you really want to have fun and get drunk, you can do it at home.

    • I don't drink so it seems awkward. I can drink a coke and still offer to buy her a drink. I guess.

    • When is a good time to go to a bar when people are actually their? Is 9:00 a good time or is that early? I have to work so I don't want to be out too late.