Age difference and hight difference?

This guy who I really like and who also likes me is amazing - and I 100% don't care about the age difference between us and the hight difference, but I'm thinking that others will. He's two years younger than I am - he's 16 I'm 18, and I'm around 3 inches taller than him in flats and I like to wear heels so I'm usually around 4-5 inches taller. Now the only reason I'm asking is because I'm worried he won't like the unwanted attention to the fact that I am the older and taller one when it's usually the guy who's taller or older by society's standards. How strange do you think it is and how much do you think other people will comment on it?


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  • Damn you really are taken the road less travelled for sure, although I'm not sure if it's better or worse.

    You and him will both get A LOT of attention. Most of it negative. I wouldn't be surprised if both his and your parents do not approve. You'll also be one of the few couples out there where the girl is not only older but decently taller than her man, which won't help. If both of you can stand the criticism and really care about each other there shouldn't be a problem. However, while you may be 100% okay he might not be, so talk it out with him.

    • My mom doesn't care - only thing she's worried about is if I can be arrested for sleeping with him, which I can't be. His parents I don't think know my age, but know about , me. He actually thinks I look amazing, and thinks I have a perfect hight so it doesn't bother him at all. I have a pretty tough skin so hopefully so does he. (:

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  • I would love to have an older taller woman
    the society can say whatevr they want, i really dont give a crap because the society will not give me the respect, love and care she would

    • Well that's promising then, hopefully people will be more like you because I hate unneeded drama and that's what highschool is - and there's no need to add to that pile because of a relationship with a shorter younger guy.

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    • I've never cared - just gets under my skin a little bit when people are constantly bothered by how I'm living my life.

    • Stop letting them get to you, specially when you know you are right

  • 2 years isn't much, and will soon amount to nothing.
    3" difference in height is my preferred amount, where the woman is taller than the man. It makes for the best sex, and excellent for both.

  • People may talk.

    But F them.

    When you're 40, he won't be that much different in age.

  • Lrts just say
    U guys will be on newspaper
    Lol :)

    • Oh well, at least I can say I'm famous after that! :P

    • Haha
      Congrats in advance

  • I wouldn't care if I saw you together. I was with a girl ten years older than me and nobody said anything about it. I was a foot taller than her and people did make fun of how we looked when I bent over to kiss her. So the height might get more attention than the age.

    • The guy being taller people always think is cute for some reason, but when it's a taller girl with a shorter guy people lose their shit. :/

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  • I don't think a lot of people would care in a busy world.

    • If we were in a city I think that would be true, but we live in a small town where all anyone has to do it gossip about anything and everything

    • They clearly have nothing better else to do with their lives :)