He never takes me out 😔?

I have been seeing this guy for about 8 months now, he has never taken me on a date. I have never been to his house, met anyone he knows and I mean anyone. He always comes to my house. I have asked to visit his place and he says "it's not a big deal if I go to his house" I asked to meet his mother and he said "why she's just a women" he's met my mum tho. Mum not even sure if anyone he knows even knows about me!

What the hell is all of this about?


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  • He is probably lying to his teeth with you and you really need to recheck your relationship
    take a break and think if he is what you think he is

  • This is what cheaters do. He's probably seeing other women, which is why he's not letting you in to his personal life.

  • Could ba an introvert. We don't tend to like visiters much. How well do you know this guy? If u could tell me more about his personality i think i can help.

    • He has a large group of friends from childhood, he likes to party with his mates, festivals and all that. He's flirty and likes to be liked. He's very good looking and he knows it, confident. He once said to me that he "can't treat me like his exes" wouldn't elaborate on that tho.

    • I think u have a playa on ur hands m8. id have a think about what ur plans r for this guy.

    • Figured. Thanks dude

  • I believe you should stop seeing him that kind of guys are a waste of time I think...


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