What does it mean when a guy has his best friend (who is a girl) as engaged on Facebook as his relationship status? should I be worried?

I am seeing this guy and when he added me on Facebook I was surprised to see his relationship status to engaged with his best friend (girl). It does say since 2007 and we're both in our early 20s. He said they put that there to make fun of Facebook relationship statuses. But for some reason I'm not laughing... should I be worried? also with the whole BFF thing... I mean I do gotta admit I do feel threatened by it, but what girl wouldn't... They seem pretty close and they have known each other for 5+ years. He said that there is nothing going on between them but they live far away from one another... and said nothing would happen between them because she is "crazy."I don't know he always refers to her "best friend" and it makes me feel as if there is no room for me.


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  • sounds like you're being insecure, stop worrying


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  • You could always ask her about it? And the have him change it... obviously.