Does my guy friend like me?

So I met this guy at school, I noticed him starring at me one day. The next day he sat beside me and said nothing, I accidentally bumped in to him and blah blah started talking. I told him to add me on Facebook. Couple weeks went by and I noticed he wasn't at school. Couple weeks later I got a message on fb from him saying hey. He changed schools and thats why he wasn't there. I had a bf when I met him we met in sept and I broke up with bf end of sept. One day we were just talking on fb and he was asking me how school was and the bus weirdoes. I said they keep talking to me I guess I come off and a approachable totally kidding with him. He replied its cuz ur pretty. I was said oh ya for sure and he said ur a very nice, good looking women going places guys attract to that. I asked if that was what he thought of me and he said ya thats what I think. Any way we hung out that night went for a coffee and then a walk. On our walk we were holding hands and kissed. Then we went to his house and watched a movie. He says he likes me but he isn't looking for a relationship right now. (he goes to school full time and his last relationships were terrible). But this is what I don't get we hang out nearly every week and I sleep over at his house he recently slept over at my house. When we hang out we mainly just talk for hours bedtime is 5 or 6 am. He remembers everything I say and I'm the only one he hangs out with. He takes an interest in my life and notices everything I post of fb. He likes to ask me personal questions and Im not a very open person. For example he asks why me and my bf broke up, about my family, work, etc. He says if I want to be on a more personal level with him I need to open up cuz he tells me very personal things in his life. When I sleep over he cuddles the life out of me and when I try to move away he doesn't let me. I've met his dad and some of his friends. One day we were drinking and he said i was his best friend and his favourite person.


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  • He definitely likes you lol I know because I have done similar things


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  • Aww, cute story! I think he really does like you. I'm glad you guys have some great times together. I know it must be confusing because you and him are doing all of these things that couples would do and yet he doesn't want a relationship. Just let the relationship run its course, he might ask you out sometime in the future. I mean the excuses he made (school, messy breakups) are valid. Just give it time. Once he really likes you, I'm sure he'll ask you out. He just needs some time to get to know you more. And try to be more open if he's being open with you. He's showing you trust, so you should show it back. Good luck to you and I hope it all works out for you in the end :)