Should I tell a break the ice with a girl by telling her she's attractive?

I feel like I should be honest because physical attraction is what draws me in the 1st place but I don't want her to think that's all I care about. What do girls want to hear. Help ya boy out


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  • Go ahead and tell her that you're attracted to her. Don't be all like "hey little ma, you fine as hell" though. Obviously you should be respectful and say, "hey (name) I think you're really beautiful and I'd like to get to know you better" something like that.


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  • If you don't want her to think that is all you care about then why would you start off your potential for any relationship with the tell all on how she is attractive. She likely already knows that. & you can still tell her, at the perfect moment, when you two have a friendship of sorts established.

    • I meant more along the terms of talking to a girl that you have a crush on.

    • If that is how you want to approach her there is nothing wrong with it... One way or another you will need to establish a relationship if you want to see the possibility of being with her romantically.
      What sets you apart from every other guy that may approach her?

  • It's an awkward-silence-maker, rather than an ice breaker. i mean it doesn't exactly get a conversation going, does it? XD

  • I think that would be fine! Dont be too cocky about it though. Be sweet and cute about it!


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