How do I text him without scaring him off?

Long story short - I made out with this guy on Saturday after we'd spent the afternoon playing board games. It just sort of happened and neither of us really planned it, but we both enjoyed it. Before Saturday, we hadn't seen each other for a few months (which was when we randomly ran into each other on the way to work), and before then, we hadn't seen each other since last Christmas.

So it's Monday afternoon now. I haven't heard from him yet. I kinda like him and would be interested in pursuing something a bit more meaningful, but at the same time, don't mind if things don't work out like that. I would, however, like to talk about what happened. I know most guys probably don't really like talking about stuff like that, so how do I bring it up in a non-clingy/overbearing/low-expectations kinda way?


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  • Trust me on this. DO NOT TEXT! Call him instead so you can hear the inflection and tone in his voice. That way, you can more easily hear in his voice if there is any interest or not. Texting is so damn overrated and impersonal, and results in far too many misunderstandings.


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  • Text him, and start a conversation with him, don't mention the night before and talk to him like you talk to anyone else. It may not come up right away, but with a little time you may get to talk about it with him, just don't force the talk.

  • Lol.. are u sure the cuties can scare us off? U must be dreaming or from another planet baby


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