Does my mother thing im gay¨?

Everytime i meet my mom.. she askes if i have a boyfriend.. and i dont.
Im 22 and never had a boyfriend and I've dated but they havnt worked out.. and i dont really tell her about the ones i date because whats the point when they dont work out.

So she askes me all the time.. and it annoyes me so much and its hurtful because its not like i dont want one.. i do but i havnt met anyone..
Today again she asked me if i had one and than said do you have a girlfriend? i was like wtf..

she is so annoying


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  • I ask my son. He gets annoyed. He doesn't have an interest and he isn't gay, he has a lot to offer tall, well educated, great job, huge amount of cash for his age, nice car but no interest, he plays video games and has friends online who get together IRL. I worry he won't give me grandchildren. When i was his age i was married. I didn't date a lot of women but certainly enough and was mainly in a relationship. So it is confusing for me. Your generation is different, and i do not think better. So, we worry and wonder why. I will have a sit down with my son soon to ask a lot of questions. I want to understand. It affects me as well since i raised him i expect him to build a family as well and i will have grandchildren.

    • Thats what my brother said. He said because mother was a slut at your age she is confused to why you aren't..

    • My friends, granted older friends have found quality people on match. Com Two had great success in the past18 months. I think i will ask my son to consider it as he indicated to his mom that he might do some online dating. I think it is wise to avoid the slut route, i leads to problems. I think you have a good head on your shoulders and will chose a guy wisely.


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  • How do we know? Ask her. I'm not in her head. Haven't been since last night. :p

  • she's probably just hoping you're not because you never seem to have a boyfriend.


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  • Oh mothers. :D I think some moms can be pushy about that type of thing because they want grandchildren... just explain to her that you're waiting for the right guy to come along... tell her to have a little patience ;)