A guy bought my girlfriend 2 bottles of alcohol?

So my girlfriend is a server at a bar so she's always getting hit on. This doesn't bother me im not normally the jealous type. This guy has a crush on my girlfriend and the other night she was upset at work over some personal issues. He went to the liquor store and bought her 50 dollars worth of vodka.. she accepted it but gave him 20 dollars because she felt bad.. it really makes me uncomfortable that another guy bought her that and he's always tippung her good so obviously he has a motive.. my girlfriend just says the typical he's a nice guy just a friend etc.. i feel like he is overstepping his boundries though? Am i wrong?


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  • He is totally overstepping his boundries. If I were you I would go in with my buddies while she is working and see if he is there and how they react towards each other. Make sure she isn't overly flirting (Because I mean you have to a little as a server) and then if he is the one really coming on to her I would like kiss her in front of him or say see you later babe and make sure he hears. If it continues I would talk to him and be like dude that's my girlfriend and I don't need you buying her stuff and everything.

    • Yeah and he told her he would fix her break light so she's gonna go have him fix it for her which ticks me off as well

    • I would tell your girl that it bothers you. Explain that you trust her but you don't want her to be seeing him outside of work. But maybe the guy doesn't know she is dating you so you should really say something to him. Tell her that you will fix it for her instead.

    • He does and my girlfriemds stubborn and is gonna say im overreacting so I don't know


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  • if you trust her and her to you then you got nothing to worry about. if he does it again then scrap.

  • He most certainly is over stepping. It would be one thing to talk to her, or even buy her a drink after her shift ended. But buying her 2 bottles is ridiculous.
    He was probably hoping she would share one with him. And he might get lucky.

    • may i suggest redefining the last sentence?
      He was hoping she'd gget hammered on the vodka so he could exploit her weakened state to either make her do something stupid or sleep with him.

    • I'll keep my wording thanks. :-)

  • You mean a drunk dude bought a pretty girl booze. Alert the media this must be reported as an exclusive!!!
    but seriously if you trust her what's the problem?

    • Yeah but he went to a liquor store and bought her 2 bottles of vodka then said ges gonna fix her break light

    • So why didn't you offer to fix her break light?
      Again if you trust her what's the problem?

  • he is definitely overstepping, you or she should hit him and her up about it.