Girl rejects you; Should you take it personal?

Girl doesn't call you back, isn't interested, etc. Should you take it personal? Should you try to change yourself or your approach?

Or keep trying?

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  • It sucks of her as a person. It's got nothing to do with you. So no, don't take it personal.

    I mean, how many times have I gotten a number and the chick never texts or calls... or she does but then she keeps stringing me along? Not a lot, but it's happened ENOUGH times for me to squash that shit quick.

    Whatever man, it's got nothing to do with you... and don't even try to figure out why they did it. Change yourself because you want to change. Learning more alpha tendencies may help but let's face it... if a chick wants to fuck you, she will.

    Story: I know this 6'2 guy... he's my cousin's cousin (other half of the family). We were at a backyard show and this petite cuties starts migrating over to where he's standing. 20 feet... 10 feet... 5 feet... ALL OF A SUDDEN SHE'S RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. They both disappear. He comes back and tells us that she asked him if she can suck his cock. This is NOT a bullshit story dude. I swear to God this is real. This actually happened. Some guys are just blessed dude, sadly neither one of us is.

    • Man, I get girl's numbers and text them, but never hear back. It's pretty often. How do you squash that shit?

      Don't you have to pursue her to have her want to fuck you?

      Is he just really good looking? How the hell does that work out.

    • 1) I've learned to just text once and call once. If she doesn't respond then let it go. Ask her out soon. Set the date and time... you should already have planned this in advance. If she comes up with some bullshit excuse then drop her. EVERY excuse is a bullshit one. Women will make time if they like you... or supply you with an option, "I can't do Tuesday, what about Thursday?"

      2. My cousin pursued jack-shit. The ho jumped on his nuts man. So no, you don't always have to pursue. But yes, pursue anyway because average girls don't just jump on our nuts. Even if they do like you it may take at least one date.

      3. I don't know dude... I'm not a good judge of male attractiveness but I honestly don't think he's ALL that. I think it was mostly his height and his physique (lean) so all the clothes fit well on him and shit, know what I mean? Women are also attracted to height more than anything. Trust, I'm only 5'6" and I get my share... but I wish I was 4 inches taller.

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What Girls Said 3

  • i wouldn't take it personal ur probs just not her type

  • Don't take it personal... :)

  • There are other girls out there, so just dust yourself off and try again.


What Guys Said 2

  • It is my belief that we can all improve ourselves if we try hard enough. She rejected you for a reason. You should try to improve yourself. Go to the gym, style your hair, wear good clothes. Dont worry if you dont know where to start. YouTube and the internet are always there to help

  • It's so hard not to take it personal. But I try to think of it like this: you own an awesome Chinese restaurant. But you don't have any sign outside indicating its chinese food. Some girl comes in and you ask her "would you like some Chinese?" She goes "eh, I don't like Chinese food, only Italian". Does that make your Chinese food any less delicious or desirable?