Can a normal kiss really make your toes curl?

I was reading the cosmopolitan and there was this section where some girl wrote how her toes curl and she gets this shooting feeling from head to toe when she kisses her boyfriend. Is that even possible with a non-passionate no tongues kiss which doesn't involve any sexual touching? I honestly think she was exaggerating lol


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  • That depends on the individuals who are doing the kissing. I remember the first time I kissed a girl. It quite literally felt like a jolt of energy went from my mouth to my feet. Five minutes later I'm walking down the street grinning like an idiot and I cannot feel the pavement beneath my feet. It took me like an hour to actually feel I'm walking and not gliding like a ghost.

    • Have you never had a kiss like that ever again?

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    • Well I'm the dumb kind of men who kiss and sleep only with women who they have strong feelings toward. So that makes two women.

    • Ohhh okay that probably explains why... lol

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  • Once a hug and kiss did something like that for me.

    When my wife, Zen mistress of the penis, gives me warm safflower oil genital massage and sticks her finger up my ass when I'm cumming, my toes curl and crack like hell. If you want your toes to crack, have bf / gf give you some great tongue work. That usually does it.

    But listen, don't worry what Cosmo says, just do your best to enjoy what sensual pleasures you body does provide you.

  • Well first off, stop reading those magazine, 9 out of 10 professional readers agree thay they are a lot of the time, really bad for your health. Anywhore, yes. That can happen.

  • basically stop reading those brainless magazines. ;-)

  • It's possible if that kiss is something you desire so much that you react so intensely to it.

    • Really? ? Has it ever happened to you if I may ask?

    • Well technically when I felt like that we soon after went to full-fledged making out and it was pretty awesome, haha.

  • It probably could if I was doing it. I've always been a good kisser.


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