How do avoid falling into the friendzone?

I've been seeing a girl for a few weeks now and from what i've seen she is definitely the type of girl who likes to take things slow. we have seen eachother 4 times now, going over to eachothers houses and watching films mainly. whenever we watch movies together we will always end up cuddled up to eachother and holding hands etc. just no kissing or sex. I have tried to kiss her twice now when saying goodbye but she avoided both times so its not like i haven't tried to make a move. After the first time she said she regretted not kissing me but then the next time she saw me i tried again but she still didn't. She initiates text convos quite a lot and invites me over so im pretty sure she likes me. How can I let her take it slow but also avoid going into the friendzone?


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  • she's either really shy or playing with you xD


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  • Keep doing what you are doing. Keep attempting things. She sounds like my first girlfriend who was shy. If you stop then things will get rocky. She obviously knows you want her as more than a friend yet she still get's close and let's you touch her when you cuddle etc.

    Don't pressure her, just keep going with the flow. Eventually things will blossom. No sweat.