I'm from Brazil, I'm considered white or latino? I like the hijab muslim girls with nice ass, I want to remove their clothes, how to get hijab girls?

I would be killed by her muslim father and family?


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  • I will not discus your stupid mind bcoz even NUN WEAR hijab , hijab is to protect women and its true example if you walk in street and then u see 2 women 1wear like nun and the other girl wear bikini? Now some pepole will say thats not good idea to think but the facts talk many girls get raped by men which mean many mens follow they're sex drive just exactly like animal , hijab would make that rape chances less, and when you see a girl wear close to hide her ass or sexy boobs that mean she's better than the girl who look like slut you can't come here and tell us ur opinion in women who like to just show her body to her husband it's up to her it's her freedom I think if you have to choose between slut or hijab u would choose hijab girl


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  • you look like a latino judging b your pic


    • that was my reaction! i saw what you wrote and burst out laughing!