Online dating, is he truly interested? :)?

It feels good to be back :) anyways, I have been talking to this man from POF for about 3 weeks now? We text everyday and have met up twice. First was for coffee, second he took me out to pho and at the end of the night he kissed me. We have been continuing to stay in contact and an hour after the date he told me how much fun he had. He usually initiates contact but it can be from in the morning, to 2pm in the afternoon. Sometimes he is very expressive with emojis, and sometimes not. He wanted to hangout this past Saturday but I had previous plans, and then he told me again we should meet up soon. I said yes I would love to! But he told me he has been quite busy so he hasn't made any set plans. Which ticks me off. I mean he was busy getting a new truck and works full time and gym, but is he really interested or just saying so? He also likes to send me pictures of himself or whatever is going on in his life day to day.


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  • I think he is interested and he probably has a ton on his plate right now


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  • Maybe he's interested but he's just testing the water if you're still interested in him too.