How do you know if a friend likes you?

Like what are the signs especially if she's shyer around you?


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  • Big signs are that she mainly pays attention to you. There will be other guy friends of hers, but she'll always try to give you her full attention. She will try to hang out with you more often in subtle ways. She'll play with her hair. Maybe if she picks up some courage, she'll compliment you. She'll look you right in the eyes, or since she's shy, she might purposely look away. She will try to be extra friendly with people that you care about, like your friends or family members. She'll get super jealous when you're hanging out with other girls.

  • She will be giggly, find a reason to touch you/be near you, play with her hair, tilt her head when talking to you, shift her weight from hip to hip. Those are just a few!


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