Is this guy shy or not interested?

We play soccer with each other once a week... but i didn't start talking to him until mid October. He added me on Facebook and we bumped into each other at another sporting event. After that, i noticed he would say hi to me and id catch him looking at me during our games. He's also driven me home a few times. Two weeks ago, he invited my friend and i to a party to which he picked me up and drove me to, and we got a bit drunk and ended up kissing.

We don't talk outside of when we see each other at soccer, and even then sometimes he's just really quiet. He'll talk, but the conversation will stop and go. Neither of us has mentioned the kiss since it happened. I texted him randomly for the first time, and i couldn't tell if he was being flirty or not, but he wrote stuff like "it would have been better if you were here :)" and how he was looking forward to helping me with volleyball next term.

But other than that, we don't talk. Should i just leave it and move on? And when i see him at volleyball next term, just carry on normally? Our last game of soccer is this week and we have our month long break where i'll go back home.


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  • If you like him this is your chance to know, ask him he's probably shy!


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  • Yeah it would have been better if you were here + :) is a flirt, now :/ could go either way.

  • he is interested it's obvious


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