Did I overract by deleting her on facebook?

Okay so I have always had a crush on this one girl. However, she started being really mean to me all of the sudden. For instance, she would sit next to me in class but started sitting away from me as if I was not her friend when we were barely getting to know each other. What really got me upset was when she ignored my Facebook message. I asked her if she can tell me what happens in class because my mom got in a car accident. She did not respond nor ask if my mother was okay. This was really mean, so I deleted her. No, I am not clingy nor am I stalking her. She just started acting very weird once we stared hanging outside of school. I deleted her, but I still have feelings for her. I don't really know what to do. Maybe nothing is the best option?


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  • BE AWARE of the girls that seem overly kind and sweet, often they are secretly very nasty, you only find this out later though


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  • Wouldn't lose sleep over her.