Lez/Bi/Gay/Trans/Crossdressers... How do u know which 1 u r? I don't understand what I'm feeling or why & I don't know if I'm Straight or Bi!!!?

I've been confused bout my sexual orientation for a few years now! I've thought of myself as Straight cause tht's how "it's supposed 2 b" but what if it's not true? I've only dated guys be4 so I feel l wouldn't really know if I was Bi or not! I feel like u hav 2 experience 2 really know! Over the past few years I've discovered tht I'm not just attracted 2 men, but I'm attracted 2 women 2! I hav crushes on Actresses and female singers! And closer 2 home... there's a lesbian tht takes my breath away, gets me all warm and fuzzy inside type of sensation!!! Does this attraction I feel towards women mean tht I'm bisexual?


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  • It certainly sounds like you're bisexual, which is obviously completely normal. If you have strong sexual feelings for women in the same way you have for men then you probably are. If you are friends with this lesbian that lives near you, then speak to her, tell her everything that you feel, she might be willing to help you explore those feelings.
    Good luck.


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  • I knew I was bi way before I started to date girls. You don't need that experience to know you're attracted to them, it's something you just feel. If you're already attracted to girls then it means you're bi or a lesbian, but you also say you're attracted to guys so you're probably bi. I used to be scared because everyone expects people to be straight but I couldn't help feeling attracted to girls (I actually like girls more than guys). I was confused and felt terrible but then I stopped caring about what society expects from me. Meet lesbian/bi girls! Once you accept the whole thing, it's a amazing.

  • No, I'm gonna say that you should try it before leaning towards anything. Experiment.

    I for instance can be very attracted to females, never tried one, though I definitely will. Attraction is okay. But I know I'm straight for sure. I would not be able to get emotional feelings for a female, it is just out of the picture.

    Do you think you could get feelings for this girl?