I want my boyfriend to suck on my chest?

Okay, I'm going to be seeing my boyfriend tonight (maybe) & he use to suck on my boobs when he saw me, but he hasn't done it the last 2 times I've seen him. I want him to do it this time but I don't know how to like make him do it. Like when we're kissing should I just slow push his head down towards my chest? Or should I whisper something in his ear? If so, what should I whisper?


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  • You should slow push his head down towards your chest and then he'll automatically be turned on. If not then tell him to do so, simple.


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  • when you're kissing each other take your shirt off and push your cheat into his face, this will solve your problem and get him very excited.

  • Tell him what you want.

    Obviously, the last two times that you didn't flat out tell him, that got you nowhere. So tell him


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  • As the two other posters have already said, just nudge his head towards your boobs and once he's there, just straight up tell him to suck on them. Make sure to let him know you enjoy it afterwards.

    I've found that generally telling the guy exactly what you like, then giving positive reinforcement works like a charm. :)