Why are women so lazy when it comes to dating?

In nearly every relationship I've seen they are initiated, shaped, grown, maintained, and enhanced solely by the efforts of men. The women on the other hand contribute nothing--they may however end the relationship, assuming they even have the spine to do that.

You should all be very ashamed of yourselves.


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  • Well, that's pretty much a result of the idea of traditional gender roles, and entitlement. Which is why a female who is not a fan of gender roles and is in fact against them is a better pick than anyone who claims to be "traditional".

    • Well that was quick, haha. Thanks for MHO :D
      But it's true, "traditionalism" is just a fancy term for entitlement to laziness in this regard.

    • Woah, fine but I don't think it's PC to say such things bro.

    • Oh, I would rather be honest than PC. :P nothing gets done if everyone is just being wishy-washy


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  • Well considering I asked a guy out to prom and he flat out rejected me and I am known as the one who helps solve issues in relationships... I would say you are using generalities that are false my friend. hell... I don't even like when dinner is paid all by the guy. its 2014 people. Don't blame all women on your poor choice of mates my friend...

  • Dating doesn't mean life..

  • This is good this is good


    You're gonna be alone forever.

  • Because we don't want to seem eager. In most relationships it happens in the early stages.

    Women give a lot more attention and care if they are in love.

  • Well since we women are no use to U have u tried dating the same sex?

    Not trying to be mean but Not all women are like that. I know a lot of women including myself that take initiation and believe in the idea of 50/50. You are just probably looking in the wrong areas. And I apologize for those that came across to u and gave u the impression that all women are like that :/

    • Yes a few times. I don't think it's for me.

      Thanks for an intelligent answer and thoughtful reply, maybe I'll move somewhere else.

    • I like this answer, very true!

  • I don't need the acknowledgement of the amount of effort I put into my relationship. My boyfriend knows and he tells how much he appreciates me. That's all that matters.

  • Because we can.. You know why. Stop hating.

  • I was going to give u an intelligent answer until your last sentence.

    • Do you think you could have?

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  • You are an arrogant ignorant ass. When I first read your question I thought you were just trolling. Then I read an opinion and your response.

    "I was going to give u an intelligent answer until your last sentence."

    "Do you think you could have?"

    Then I realized you're just a misogynistic idiot

    • You are a pathetic ignorant ass.

      FYI Collecting arrows won't change that either, but by all means pat yourself on the back.

    • *rolls eyes*

  • In the West it is the cultural/social convention that the male should make the approach. Most women prefer the relationship to be male led during courtship. After marriage, this morphs often into hubbie doing as he is told.