Can anyone be interested in me now?

I am a bright, pretty, kind hearted, and intelligent quadriplegic woman, who before the injury, was considered by many to be the total package. I got injured about four and a half years ago, when I broke my neck after falling off the stairs in my house. I own my own home and am pursuing a second master degree at the moment. I have an outgoing personality and am funny at times. My injury dealt a severe blow to my self esteem. I used to be a very active and athletic person and while I remain active today, I have certainly had to adapt to my disability. I wonder if there is anyone who is able to see past my chair and see me for who I am.


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  • "quadriplegic woman", nope. Done.

    • and your anon wow LMAO

      YOU HELLA SKAN for that one

    • Better than lying. The people who date those with major injuries either were with them before it happened or have a fetish for it. That's just reality.

      I'm not going to just lie.


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  • Haha all males will, but me I'll care about you, and for you with out words or neediness. It's depending on what your looking for. I'll be happy to be with you. I'm confident to say you deserve somebody good in your life.

  • You seem like a nice women. I like nice women. I would appreciate being in a relationship with you. You will make it far. I hope with all of my heart you find someone nice.

  • i wouldn't try any regular dating sites or so, coz there people just care for looks and might even hurt you! but if you meet a guy under the right circumstances, some place where he sees that you have at least some interests in common and what not, you will definetly have a shot!


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  • Shoot yea, baby! You might need to try support groups or online sites that cater to folks in your unique situation, but heck yeah.

    Go for it; my admiration for your spirit knows no bounds <3!