I want to ask this guy to my sorority's dance?

I'm worried he is kind of a player though... he's been doing the texting me thing but not talking to me in class except for staring at me when I'm not looking and keeping in my view. But then he major flirts with another girl in the class like they are friends with benefits or something (all year)... I just don't wanna be a fool but I think he's really cute. I could keep myself from liking him and just looking at it as a fun thing but it's annoying if he's trying to play me


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  • If he's a player you have to look at his actions. My ex was a player and it took me a while to realize that he still is one. Look at how many friends he has that are girls, or if he flirts with almost every girl, I see it now in my ex and its pretty obvious, if you don't want to ask him because you are afraid of getting played then maybe its best not to ask him, but the choice is yours. You have kind of look at there actions and how they treat they friends, family etc.

    • He doesn't have a lot of girls that I see him hanging around with but he has this 1 girl in class that he has seemed like friends w/ benefits since the beginning and he's really outgoing with her in front of me but then super shy with me... it's confusing

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    • No I want to go with him I'm not afraid of being hurt at this point I'm over it hahaha


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  • You're a sorority girl, players are your thing. What's the issue here?

    • They're not my thing don't believe all the stereotypes ya hear

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  • don't do it. You said it yourself, he's a player. so why even risk getting hurt?

    • what if I just play the game back and look at it like I'm having fun? i can keep my feelings out of it if I prepare myself but I don't wanna have that guard up for no reason..