Does he like me or is it all for sex? Please help! ASAP?

Me and the guy I like have been talking for about 3 weeks now. He made me his wcw every week on ig. At school every says there goes your girt etc. Everytime I send him pics he says I'm so beautiful with a few heart eye emojiis, at school he gives me hugs and walks me to class sometimes. The only doubt I have is whenever we hang out which has been Twice. He likes to touch a lot and all, I know he's not a virgin and he knows I am. He's 17 im 16. And we only hang out at night. I'm just so confused I really like him and all I just want to know of im wasting my time. Do you think he likes me or just wants sex? Please comment your detailed opinion.


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  • Tell him you can't have sex till your married. If he leaves you then you have your answer.


What Girls Said 1

  • Let's see... he touches you a lot and only hangs out with you at night, that's enough proof in my opinion. If you need more proof tell him you're not having sex and if his only interest was sex, he'll disappear.