How to be confident around women and not get nervous around them?

How to be confident around women and not get nervous around them?


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  • Confidence is something that you need to find inside you. Right but being confident and showing confidence are different i think. Women can be intimidating but its important to remember were just as afraid of you as you are of us (if not were more scared with rape culture and all... Anyway!) just some things i noticed girls look for. Hight, stand up straight. Girls like guys with some reach so if you are slouchy you play down your hight. Also a little arrogance. Its conditioned into our social norma and even i am guilty but a guy who knows what he wants and how to get it? Swoon! Speak with authority, say what you mean and dont be afraid to talk up what you're good at. Finally apperance. Its not the end all be all but it certainly is a door opener. Girls interests are like snowflakes, no two girls like the exact same type of guy. Chose a look that you think accentuates your best feature. If its your blue eyes keep your hair short so we have a clear view, if its your dimples then always flash a cute girl a smile. Know your strengths and remind yourself of them and confidence will radiate from you :)

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    • No worries! And rejection is natural to fear but you dont need to! Most rejection isn't face to face. Women today are more obsessed with being liked than asserting themselves that they would rather you take their number so you like them in the moment and then may reject you later over text or phone call. Either way that initial face to face rejection is something the rejected and the rejector both feel so dont play up rejection too much. Let it push you and give you the drive to make some lucky ladies day :)

    • Thank you @mugen09 ! :)

  • Why you nervous when you around us?

    • Fear of rejection

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