I texted a girl a day ago and she didn't respond?

This girl has been showing interest in me and we starting talking a little i texted her via fb and she didn't respond what does this mean? I am so fucking mad right now


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  • calm your self rayman everyone is different. Im trying to date a girl who im lucky if she texts me back a few times a week. Everyone is different some people are just not social and some do not like texting that much. The point of a text over a phone call is that she can reply when she is damn well ready. You need to back off until you are dating she has 0, I repeat 0 obligations to respond to you ever and you need to remember that. Sorry but im trying to be tough you could have it way worse you need to calm down and be patient because inpatients is a HUGE turn off one of the biggest for women. You are only going to lose her if you can not calm down and take it slow.


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  • It means that she probably has a life that doesn't revolve around checking her Facebook 24/7.

  • She probably plays "hard to get"

    • The question is why? If she keep doing this i'll start losing interest in her it's useless

    • I hate when some girls do that, it's so unnecessary. So I get why you're mad. But it could also be that she's busy, so give it a few days but wait till she messages you. Guys shouldn't always be the ones to message first

    • You're absolutely right why is it always our "duty" to approach first? Message first? Fuck these standards i am sick of them fuck the "playing hard to get", the"subtle signs shit" i won't keep up with this crap anymore

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  • People have lives or is just that busy. You have to understand that otherwise you're in a lost situation. It sucks but that's our reality.

    Give it 2-4 days or even a week if you're patient. If not then then I'd personally bump into her in person making casual talk and bring it up from there. At least by then you'll know if she is still interested.