How and when do I kiss my girlfriend?

So me and my girlfriend have been goin out for about 2 months and she wants me to kiss her but I don't know how. I don't want to tell her bc I am scared she will break up with me. Help please


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  • 1. Try inviting her over to your house to watch a movie and if she is like leaning on you or resting her head on your shoulder you could like kind of casually ( or about as casually as you can) lean over and kiss her on the head, it could kind of go from there like if she turns her head and looks you at you then you can kiss her on the lips.
    2. you could take a walk in like a park or woods and as you are walking with her you could pull her in and kiss her. like a simple kiss on the lips and if she is super into you she will kiss you back and it can kind of build from there.

    • Like how though

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    • No problem. :)


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  • Kid I kissed mine before we even started dating. Don't over think it. Just take her out on a date, keep her close to you, talk, enjoy the time, get closer, lean and just kiss her.


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  • you are together for 2 months without kissing once?

    • Yeah. Sadly bc she plays softball and had tournaments 4 weekends n a row and I was sick. We only get to c each other at school. Y is that a bad thing

    • its just weird i guess, but what ever works for you guys... thats what matters (for you) at the end of the day

    • I was with my guy for 10 months and we never kissed. We will soon, though. The suspense is killing me!

  • Every dude has like 1 go to move when it comes to kisses because pretty much every guy will tell you that getting the first kiss is a huge stepping stone and you can start to take things almost wherever you want once you get the first kiss. Anyway I will now tell you my go to and a couple of my friends go to's, my go to and a couple of my friends also have the same one is when you're with a girl you're seeing when she proposes something like "We should go get something to eat" or "My mom says you can stay for dinner if you want" or you're doing something competitive you'll say "If I stay for dinner you've gotta give me a kiss." or "If I beat you you've gotta give me a kiss." they never say no when you do this. One my friend uses that he swears by is saying "There's something I've wanted to do for a long time and I don't know how to say it so I'm just gonna do it." and then you go for the kiss he claims it's never failed. Good luck homie kissings fun :D