If last relationship ended badly does it make next one seem better than it really is?

I ask this cause things with one of my ex's ended really badly and then all of a sudden she was in this rebound relationship with another guy and tried to make it appear as everything was so wonderful but I'm left wondering not if it was a rebound relationship as it clearly was but rather things seemed a lot better than they really were just cause last relationship ended badly. her perception was off and made this new relationship seem a lot better than if it had happened before and she had not been through our previous bad experience. it just didn't seem like he was really doing anything that special yet she though it was all so wonderful , like any guy could of took her to local bar and bought her a drink.


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  • Not always but It's definitely possible it could have that effect.

    Let's say normally a girl aren't normally isn't a big fan of axe body spray. She doesn't hate it but she definitely dosent like it either. It's just meh.

    Now let's say she rode on a bus next to some fatass that smelt like a decaying seal and then at the next stop he gets off and the next person that sits next you smells like axe body spray. Normally she's not overly impressed by axe body spray but compared to the other dude this new guy smells heavenly.

    Sometimes whether you percieve something as "good" or "bad" is relative to what it's being compared to.
    So maybe if she gave her nostrils some more time to purify or readjust, then she wouldn't have been so easily enamored by axe body spray.


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  • wow, this is a really good question, I wish I could give you points for it.

    my answer is MAYBE relationships are often not what we believe them to be... it's like playing lottery

  • ummmmm... you could me my ex haha
    sorry, but in my case the new relationship really is better than the last one not because it ended badly but because my new beau complements me better.


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  • New relationships are alway Rosie at first.