My boyfriend says he deserves better?

I have a boyfriend and he says he do everything good to me and i dont, that he deserves better, and i dont know my limits with guys, what should i do?

He says i lie and hide things from him, but i dont


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  • What he means deserving? He means sexual affection?
    In that case you do not have to if you do not want to.

    • No he means he do good things to me and i dont, he thinks i lie to him and i hide things from him but i dont

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    • He says he trusts me.. thank you anywayss x

    • I hope it is getting better. Thanks for Mh!


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  • Sounds like he's got the wrong idea, you can only talk to him and explain why. Maybe he feels you should have told him about this guy talking dirty to you first, so you could always say you are sorry and that you will in the future.

    Basically seems like you have a lack of communication so as long as you work on talking about stuff you should be able to work things out.

    • I hope we do, thanks anyways x

  • Know your limits with guys?
    what did he mean by that?

    • I have no idea because some guys talk dirty to me

  • I had a girlfriend say her and her friends thought she could do better. My reaction was alright go in then, fuck you! She realized she fucked up and we stayed together, but I had the upper hand for a long time after.


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  • He says he trusts you, yet he say those things to you... Which speaks louder?
    I think you should sit down and talk to him, 'cause this is probably him being jealous of other guys and taking out on you.
    You need to reassure him, and if his behavior remains the same, then... Let him find better.

    • The thing is i dont want to break up, i want us to stay

  • Sounds like someone is seeking sympathy and approval.

    Why not tell us the full story instead of this vague mishmash of he said she said?

    • Look the problem is that he thinks i hide things and lie about few subjects, he kinda believes he deserves much better, and his friends tell him stuff about me that isn't true and he believes them (this hasn't been the first time tho) So today i talked to him and he kept on saying never mind lets close the subject, but i need to know why he's acting this way

  • It would be a really good idea to talk to him. Ask him why he feels that way and what you can do better. If he is emotionally or verbally abusing you, please leave him.

    Good luck!

    • He says because i lie and hide things from him, but i dont

  • Ask him what he wants in a girl and act according to that if you want to keep him in hand