Women, have you ever pushed away a guy you really liked because you were scared?

So I've been seeing this woman for about 2 months. Everything was going well until about the last two weeks. She has been pushing me away and some female friends I've shared the details with say it's definitely because she's scared it might not work out.

Have you ladies ever pushed away a guy you really like and cared about? What happened? Did you regret it? Did you try to reach out to him after he finally let you push him away? How long before you did?

Is there any chance things can still work out? I really care about her and I'm willing give her one more chance, but obviously I can't let her contiue these games. What can I say to reassure her? Has a guy ever managed to say something that helped you get over your fear or was it something you had to work through on your own?


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  • it can go in so many ways,

    like first... since its been like this for 2 weeks, may be there's a reason why she's distant, may be there's a misunderstanding, may be u did something or she realized something about u, she heard a rumor about u, or she simply doesn't trust u or can't be herself with u, may be u hurt her in some way without realizing like insulted her, it happens like sometimes u dont know a person very well and after dating for some time u see that you dont like how theyre treating u and such, im not accusing u or anything im just saying, some girls have trust issues cause we date jerks in the past and were not getting security from u, may be she realized how different u are or ure not who she expected... the best thing to do is to talk to her ask her how she is feeling about the relationship and if she's happy with u and what u can do to make her happy cause u like her a lot and are committed to her, some girls just need to hear it from the guy that he wants her.

    another possibility is she doesn't see herself marrying u, may be she had someone else in mind or you're both too different, it can be religion, ethnicity, having kids together etc... for example i liked this guy once a lot and i loved to date him i was so attracted to him it was a fling but for some reason i could never imagine marrying him, he wasn't serious in my eyes and we were way tooooo different... like different ethnicity and religion, he wasn't the brightest guy, had strange hobbies and interests it was a turn off for me, and i didn't like the town he was living in, i couldnt imagine him as a father, he was immature, so in a girls mind, im thinking whoa i would never marry this dude and move in with him in that town, so whats the point of dating any longer?

    but personally, if i truly liked a guy, and i have been crazy and mad for a man before, i would never push him away i would keep trying and fighting to be with him and keep him. thats just me personally.


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  • yes.. i did..
    and i lose him...
    just breakup with her... or disappear..
    if she is the scared one... she will do anything to get back to you..
    giving her chances will make u only disappoint in the end, coz she is not willing to take the risk...
    i hit the bottom.. only than i knew what i lost... but it was too late...
    he had already given me so many chances to give me another...
    i wish he hadn't given me so many chances... and just slap on my face... and than gave me one last chance when i really asked for... it was toooooo late than

  • Of course. Sometimes when you really like a guy it's hard to let yourself be vulnerable around him. I try not to, but I even do it sometimes with my own boyfriend. I love him a lot, but it's still hard to trust him with everything, and it's partly because I'm afraid that it won't work out. You just have to give her some time. I'd say there is still a chance that things could work out, but you should talk to her. Ask her about the things she feels. Make sure she wants to be in this relationship then go for it.

  • yes i have pushed more than one away but i love when they don't give up. then it reasures me they like me and in time i get comfortable and open up. i only started doing this when my ex cheated on me. so i think every guy will do it. so i push them away before they can hurt me. sux

  • Yes I'm guilty of this, did it about a year ago. It's hard to explain, she might be in her feelings and is scared to trust you. The man I did it to still made it clear he loved me, asked if I was okay often and tried to hang out. You could check on her every once in a while, but try not to question her or harp on her a lot. Send a few compliments and check ins her way, make it known to her that you care for her and that she is on your mind. But just try not to push it too hard, for some girls but not all the space is what makes them want to chase. I did it to my current boyfriend, I was scared and didn't know to trust him or not. He made it clear that he would do anything for me, did romantic gestures and checked on me, then gave a little space for me to decide. It worked for us, maybe it could for you

  • Give her some time. I think she needs some time to think and im sure you will end up together if she likes you.


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