Be honest, would you?

I'm the girl to the left of course. How many of you would actually date me or attempt to hit on me if you seen me at school or something. Ignoring my hair of course

  • You would date me or you think I'm pretty
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  • You wouldn't dare date me and I'm ugly
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  • To be honest, Id attempt to date you, sure. If its anything that I really like in a girl is a girl whose really playful and by that picture, you look playful and fun and cool so yea, Id give u a try.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I presume if I tried I'd be in jail. Also, I like the cane.

    • Waab I'm the little girl that one is my grandma and yeah she probably would beat you with that cane

    • I imagine she would. It would be comedic.

What Girls Said 2

  • Personality wise from the photo, you look like a fun girl. (No I am not interested in women but just an opinion)... If I was a guy, I think the relationship interest will develop from both physical attraction and personality (because it seems like you have a good one) so if you are asking this to know if guys find you attractive... I bet some of the guys in your circle of friends do.

  • Can't see you...