Should I have told him this?

this guy i met before summer always asks me to hang out when he wants sex and i like him so i don't go because i want him to take me on a date and hang out like if he was like wanna come chill hang out watch a movie. id say yes but his so stupid his like wanna come over and have sex?
so today i got mad and told him that his using me and all he wants is sex and he never has taken me on a date and that i was done. his response was holly fuck ur a headache. i didn't respond.
should i have said anything? maybe it was best to not tell him all that and just stopped talking to him? or me telling him was ok. what do you thin?


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  • You told him the right thing... what he needed to hear because it was the truth! People that use other people don't like hearing the truth. You definitely don't want to be hanging out with a guy like him because if you do you'd be stopping down to his level and you don't ever wanna do that. I really give you credit for telling him exactly how it was with him and why you never hung out with him because he probably was so stupid he'd never really understood why you were always saying no and no and not going with him. . If he likes you enough he'll ask you on a real date, and if he doesn't it's because it's like you told him and that's all he wants out of you. It's much better that you straight out told him rather than not saying anything. This way he can't go twisting the reason you haven't been going with him because not he has to face up to how he's been and maybe this will make him change. Noo, it would have not been better to tell him it was ok. If you had told him yes he'd got tired of you anyway. That's what happens between guys and girls that hang out just for that reason. If you hadn't responded that'd been the best answer next to what you already told him. I can assure you that this guy now knows where you stand and that's the best way to have it. Good luck!


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  • He's a jerk... You shouldn't even have to question yourself, I'm sorry. No one deserves that


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  • I don't think you should have responded after that. If you know what you want, don't settle for anything less! He was obviously looking for something different than you.

    I think it was fine that you told him what was on your mind. Now you can move on and find a guy who'd love to take you on that date :D

    • Oh and what I mean when I say "I don't think you should have responded after that", is that I think you were right in not responding after he said you were "a headache"!