Found out he still talks to his ex, should I stop talking to him altogether or try to talk to him about it?

I've been talking to a guy for a couple weeks and he says he really likes me. We hang out every weekend and things are good. He had a girlfriend for 2.5 years in hs and they broke up the summer before going off to college (this past summer). We're on Thanksgiving break so he is back in his hometown where his girlfriend is from. Today his ex made it into his best friend list on snapchat. So that means he is talking to his ex. Should I just stop talking to him altogether or should I talk to him about it? I don't they can be friends if they dated that long so he probably still loves her. Should I just tel him I don't want to talk to him anymore?


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  • Def talk to him... Talking to his ex and "talking" to his ex are completely different things. Some people can be perfectly normal about it, just talk to him and make sure you two are cool


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  • Depends on what he's talk to her about.