Do guys really mess around with girls too far?

My "boyfriend" (we've been talking for the longest time, just haven't made it official completely), randomly said "i love you" while we were, like most times, flirting with each other. I said "you what", very surprised and he said, with laughing emoji's, "I just wanted to see what you'd do" and it honestly made me kind of upset. What does this mean? I'm so confused ugh


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  • It means he meant what he said but didn't know how to back it.


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  • He was testing the waters, it's like asking someone to prom. If you get denied the best thing to do is just laugh.

    • So, what is he testing exactly?

    • He was just testing to see what you would say. To see if he started taking things to the next level how you would respond.

  • Why did you say that? You should've said me too... Bad reaction. You scared him away.

    • I know, I've realized that now. I was so surprised! We usually joke around like that with silly responses, though. thing is, I didn't know if he did mean it or not and I didn't want to say "me too" if he didn't mean it.

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    • Haha I know I wouldn't have said me too, but we call each other boyfriend and girlfriend but haven't made it official by him or me asking. I don't think I should ask, though. (i hope that doesn't sound vain or rude)

    • I think you should... You see this situation is like stocks market, i will invest my time and money on a company and I expect it to return profit... If it doesn't then ill pull out and invest on another. Now if the company tells me "oh I don't... Maybe... Lets Wait and see what happens..." I'll leave cause I know there is nothing in it... A serious company wouldn't loose an investor.
      Can you relate to that? i think you guys should cut the crap, sit down and talk like adults... "What are we?", then you'll learn whether he is leading you on or what.
      Life's too short to play games... cut to the chase, good luck

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  • yes they do. a lot of them just do it for the shits and giggles. sad bitches.