Am I Being Rejected??

So there's this guy who talks to me a lot and hangs out with me at church. I wanted to see what he was like away from church and I asked him if he was available to hang out with me, to which he replied that he was, but would call me to make sure. He's flaked on me before so I told him via text to let me know if he was sure he was going to go or not because I didn't want him to go if he didn't want to. He responded that he thought it was better that he didn't because he didn't want one thing to lead to another and when I asked him to clarify, he said that with him being a guy and me being a girl that people would suspect something and judge us (I'm a few years older than him). I let him know that I am person that doesn't care what people say about me and that people will always judge others, regardless of the circumstance. He responded back that he agreed but didn't want to have complications or drama in his life, to which I replied that maybe he was right, but that I didn't agree with it and that I was sorry that he felt that way. I wasn't looking for a relationship at the moment. I just wanted him to hang out with me because I thought he was an interesting person to get to know. He and I go to church together and I will still be seeing him there a couple of times a week. How should I act around him since he decided it wasn't a good idea to be friends?


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  • Either he is interested in someone else, or he's gay. Or maybe he finds you unattractive.


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  • there could be a lot of reasons why he could have said all of that I use to belong to a church group and there was a boy there that was scared to be around girls because he was attracted to them and he didn't want anything to happen... he could be being honest and just be afraid to hang out with you cause he doesn't want to feel anything... if you still want to be friends with him I would just say keep it the way it was before when yall just hang out at church... maybe later he'll realize its not that serious and maybe yall will get to hang out... he could have also said it because he didn't like you like that but just hanging out doesn't mean be my boyfriend boys need to understand that lol