Trying the long distance thing. Do you girls that do long distance usually feel this way? What do you do?

Trying out the long distance thing and I just feel torn. I just want to have him with me again. And we barely talk through text because he's always so busy. Or if we do he'll spit back a couple of answers really quick then not reply until 5 or 6 hours have passed. We used to talk on the phone when he was gone, but I feel like he's been shooing me off the phone. Mostly because he works weird hours and is always really tired.. Sometimes I don't text him just to see if he'll remember about me and text me. He always ends up texting that night saying how much he misses me..

I'm just wondering what you girls out there do when you feel like this/in this situation? I just feel like I'm worried I'm going to get hurt and things are going to go down hill like they did in my last long distance relationship. I've started to really like this guy, and I can't let him in with this nagging feeling that the minute I leave for break everything is going to go south.

Just being without him for a while just gets me in kind of a dark place and makes me wonder if I should be feeling this way. Is it normal? Am I acting crazy? Is love the reason I'm so upset that he's gone or is it something more material?

(disclaimer: I go to a college nowhere near where I live, so it's long distance for part of the year.)


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  • Long distance never work out. I've been in one when I had to move to a different province. I've been with her for 3 years until I had to move to another province for post secondary.

    It lasted about 3 months until I found out she cheated on me since I found a guy from my Facebook changed his profile pic of them cuddling in her bed.

    long story short, after dumping her a few months ago, I called up her childhood friend and asked her to come up for a visit and she stayed over my apartment for a few weeks.

    What I learnt is waiting 1 year to keep a relationship going is very hard and usually won't work out.


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  • honestly, I was in a long distance relationship & I'd see the guy once a month if I could. I trusted him but turned out he was cheating on me. I don't believe long distance relationships work out to be honest.

  • Yeah, I felt this way too. Just girl, dont be too needy and insecure. Well, you can spend time with ur friends and family. Try to not think that much. We should have our great time too.

  • Listen to your intuition.. And go from there. But from my own experience.. It isn't worth it