Older guys and younger girls?

Do guys in their 30s really want to date girls in thier 20s I don't mean in a daddy issue way I mean is it common a them to fall in love


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  • Yes they do. It's quite normal actually. Take me for example when I am done planning the important keystones in my career I will look to settle down. Which just happens to end around my late 20's and early thirties. By that point seeing how I am also interested in having kids I would look for a younger girl as her chances for fertility are higher than a girl at my age. Which works perfectly if you think about it. Most guys date younger for fertility and girls like to date older guys fro the sense of stability and maturity.


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  • I'm thirty, my ex is 24, before her the girl is 19. I have no problen with age if the woman is younger and can make her own decisions. I wouldn't approach somebody under 16 and over 29 though.

  • Yes.

    Men tend to want to settle down by then and girls in their 20's have a much longer time frame of fertility than women in their 30s. There's less chance they have tons of baggage or have already had children with other men, etc.


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