Is my boyfriend Facebook stalking his ex?

So me and my boyfriend were chilling in his room and we wanted to prank his friend on Facebook. But when we went to my boyfriends page. I only saw stuff of his ex-girlfriend and the girl he used to date. I saw it made him kind of uncomfortable. He tried to scroll down fast so I woudn't see it, but it was ALL full of one of his exgirfriends and an other girl he used to date. I was kind of mad and upset because of this, like wtf. It took him a long time too te throw away the gifts his other ex gave him, even when we were dating! and now I see his Facebook page is full of the other girls he used to date. Is it just that they post much or did he change the settings so he would only see them? how does this work? And should I be mad at him. He did save his ex-girlfriends presents for a damn long time while we were dating. We even start sleeping together and only months after that he threw them away. I feel bad now cause I have the feeling he wasn't over them and then he was a douche for starting a relationship with me and sleeping with me (I was a virgin before him). And even before we started dating he used to compare me a lot with her, even months after we started dating. He would mention his exgirlfriends or compare me with his last girlfriend. Should this boter me>


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  • I doubt he changed his settings to only see their stuff. Facebook decides what you'll see on your feed, not your boyfriend. I really wouldn't be too concerned with it.


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  • Take this as a lesson. It's always a red flag when a guy compares you to his ex girlfriend.

    • okay but he doesn't do it anymore, not in my face though. What does it mean when he does this?
      He did get emotional often about if i love him or not, but maybe that has to do also with his ex and being rejected instead of directly to me

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    • No his ex-girlfriends were in his news feed. But only them, nobody else was in there. None of his other friends and not one guy. And when i typed in the search bar his ex girlfriends were the first ones to pop up. So this means he has been visiting their profile often, or what?

    • I know for the news feed what you see on your Facebook, isn't what others see. I honestly don't know how it works, but for me it seems like the same people come up. I didn't do anything for that. I DO know that the names that pop up first regardless if you're friends or not, show up because you visit their profile frequently. There is speculation as to how your news feed blows up, but I think the ones with the most activities show. You can also go to his recent activity and clock only me and it will literally show exactly what he is doing.

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  • He is such a selfish douchebag. If a man would compare me with his ex-girlfriends I would feel very offended and hurt and I would reconsider my relationship with him and if he worths my time and love.